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At the one-year anniversary reception for recovery workers and volunteers hosted by the Families Of TWA Flight 800 Association on July 18, 1997, "The Work Of Angels" was first presented before more than 3,000 uniformed and civilian guests gathered on the beach at Smith Point Park. It was offered as an expression of the families' gratitude to the thousands who participated, in some capacity, in the dramatic and unprecedented recovery of TWA Flight 800 and its 230 passengers and crew.

It was introduced with these words...

"Gratitude for your heroism and compassion extends well beyond this beach. What you are about to hear was written last year, during the earliest recovery effort, as an expression of admiration from your fellow citizens. You should know that they, who watched from a more distant hill, saw in you what we have seen... the work of angels. This song was written, performed and recorded by members of the Long Island music community and features Ms. Dory Ferraro as lead vocalist. Here, then, is your song, 'The Work Of Angels'."

— Mr. John Seaman
Families of TWA Flight 800 Association

A Personal Note

In the midst of their intensely private sorrow, the families of those lost on TWA Flight 800 warmly and graciously accepted a complete stranger with a song which they came to embrace as their own. It is an experience and an honor I will always treasure.

Following the presentation, there were many requests for copies. An ambitious plan to distribute CDs in quantity to all participating agencies, organizations and individual volunteers proved unmanageable, however, and never materialized. The modest number originally produced was consigned to the Families Association for its members.

With sincere apologies for the passage of so much time, this posting now affords access to all family members and friends, recovery personnel and volunteers for whom "The Work Of Angels" holds a special meaning.

— Paul M. Petruccelli

The aircraft that departed JFK International
Airport on July 17, 1996 as TWA Flight 800

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